ERGIAS S.A. was founded in 2000 by three very experienced professionals in the construction industry.

George Kachramanis, civil engineer, and Panagiotis Vakalelis, contractor, have been operating with an extreme success in private housing construction since 1976. The third party George Billinis an architect, enterprises since 1989 as a contractor for projects in the Public construction sector.
The company gave the opportunity for a larger scale of enterprising, better prospective against the competition and a better financial structure.


ERGIAS S.A. apart from its main activity (private housing construction, construction projects in the Public sector), extends its interest in the production of organized rural housing, development of commercial buildings and production and distribution of energy.

Objectives – Philosophy

Reaching 10 years in the construction industry, the company evolves and adapts to the new marker trends and economic data. However some things remain unchanged, and these are the moral values and ethics this company was founded upon. Those virtues consist of the respect, the trust and understanding towards the client. Our experience over the years has taught as that in order to satisfy and meet the needs of a client, you must produce quality products and take the time and effort to inform and give the appropriate explanations. A satisfied client will concur the fact that u fairly stand in the free market, thus you can expect to be awarded economically and ethically. This is the only way to create solid foundation for the future.

This philosophy also extends to the relationships with our associates. We always use the most experienced subcontractors, craftsmen and laborers, as well as the most trustworthy suppliers.

We construct according to the strictest structural standards, ensuring maximum safety for the users. Our buildings have the best possible insulation, in order for lesser energy consumption to be achieved. Moreover we incorporate all the latest technological applications such as closed circuits, security alarms, Ethernet networks, high-speed internet.


ERGIAS S.A. was founded in 2000 by three very experienced professionals in the construction industry.